CURRENT ADDITION: WW111-relocation services

World War 111 has already started in Syria, but will get worse as Chinese troops and ships are  arriving to boost Russia’s already formidable force.
Send $5,000 usd to our Paypal in order to receive:

  • $5,000 usd sets your family up for 4 months in a decent Medellin, COL. apartment stocked with food.
  • Example:
  • A rep will meet you at the Medellin airport or Bogota if need be and be with you and your family all the way to your safe-house. If nothing happens in the USA and there is no Martial Law declared or FEMA camps then hey, return to your home and continue buying into the lie that is the USA.

Send payments to:

  • Email: Robert Pitts
  • Business email:

The remaining balance of 5 mil COP is our charge.

Further services include:

Weapons: Currently, .38’s, 9mm,
Visa paperwork
Armoured vehicles
Safest Countries to be in:

Colombia is not on the following list, but it is still in South America which makes it safer than the USA.


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