Currently, due to immediate demand, is helping foreigners with WW111-Relocation services!

World War 111 has already started in Syria but will get worse and escalate to affect innocent Americans like yourself.





  • Send $5,000 usd to our paypal in order to receive:

$5,000 usd sets your family up for 4 months in a decent Medellin, COL. apartment stocked with food. We make about $1,000 off that $5,000 with the $4,000 going towards your rent and support services.

Please keep in mind that, we will be with your family the entire length of your stay, providing support and whatever help you may need.

Further services include:

  • Weapons: Currently, .38’s, 9mm,
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Visa paperwork
  • Armoured vehicles
  • Translation services

Safest Countries to be in:

  • Colombia is not on the following list, but it is still in South America which makes it safer than the USA.


What can do for you?



If you are a foreigner seeking to settle in Colombia, can help with translation services, advice on where to live in Medellin and help with visa paper-work.

Colombians- si puede ayudar con encontrar nueva audiences y por traducir de espanol de ingles. can help find you an audience abroad, help with Spanish to English translation services as well as Iinternational online representation for your product and/or services.

Sunny lane
Sunny lane

Creative advice por Mr. Steve Wozniak


“Most inventors and engineers I’ve met are like me—they’re shy and they live in their heads. They’re almost like artists. In fact, the very best of them are artists. And artists work best alone where they can control an invention’s design without a lot of other people designing it for marketing or some other committee. I don’t believe anything really revolutionary has been invented by committee. If you’re that rare engineer who’s an inventor and also an artist, I’m going to give you some advice that might be hard to take. That advice is: Work alone. You’re going to be best able to design revolutionary products and features if you’re working on your own. Not on a committee. Not on a team.” The Woz


Wozniak, Apple co-founder