Colombia: Medellin Tours

Adult Tours:

Crepes and Waffles=Best Colombian Banana Splits!
Crepes and Waffles=Best Colombian Banana Splits!


$45 for 1 person

$75 for 2 people-first $45 paid on Paypal to reserve dates. Later charges may be paid in cash or Paypal.

Paypal account

  • robert pitts
  • email:
  • Business Name of Paypal account:

One Time $45 usd Minimum Payment to reserve your dates, pay the balance after your tour:

Translation Services:

Past business clients have included, BanColombia and Intel.

100,000 COP per hour for Business Clients


  • Family Tours: CANCELLED-my baby sitting license expired!

Day Tour

100,000 per 6 hour Tour

Please bring:

  • Toilet paper
  • small towel
  • water
  • small change:coins (monedas) 5,000 and 10,000 peso bills and no bigger. 50,000 peso notes are for touristy places like: Har Rock cafe or a very nice restaurant. No one here likes a 50,000 peso bill, plus it leaves you open to fraud e.g false bills and wrong change-very common for tourists.
  • Sunscreen
  • back pack for everything
  • Copy of passport, not the real passport
  • BogotaUmbrella