Soy de EEUU y ofrezco mi servicios por: Colombianos quien necesitan ayudar por recibir una tarjeta de verde “Green card”. Cobrar $5,000 usd o 12,000,000 COP por ayudar con: Traducion bien Como escribir por mejor oportunidad El processo aveces es por anos 2-3 entonces ayudar con todo procesos antes usted es Exitotosa! Soy un Americano y tengo mejor acceso por mi embajado compartir con abogados de Colombia quien no es un ciudano de EEUU. Embajada de E.E.U.U UCSIS Otra Servicios: Ofrecer ayuda por Colombianas mujeres quien buscando por el extranjero, por vivir una mejor vida afuera Colombia, en E.E.U.U or … Continue reading VISA APODAR POR LOS E.E.U.U

“You reap what you sow”-learn to program your own mind.

…”happiness is the harvest of a quiet mind (“You reap what you sow) Anchor your thoughts on peace, poise, security, and divine guidance, and your mind will be productive of happiness(1)-e.g. Phil-4:8-“Be sure that you think on whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lively, of good report, if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think upon these things”(2) There is no block to your happiness. External things are not causative, these are effects, not cause. Take your cue from the only creative principle within you. Your thought is cause, and a new cause produces a … Continue reading “You reap what you sow”-learn to program your own mind.

Bogota Blast Tour

The “Bogota Blast Tour”,¬†was specifically designed for a friend who had a 12 hour lay-over in Bogota. We had to squeeze a mix of touristy + real life Bogota things to see and do into a 6 hour Tour. This “Bogota Blast Tour” begins at Park 93 at the North end of Zona T and finishes at the Southern end of Zona T after taking guests on quick 6 hour tour by: Taxi, walking, Transmilenio (great local bus system!) and maybe jogging at times! BBT-Not designed for children or the elderly! WHAT TO BRING Back Pack for all your stuff … Continue reading Bogota Blast Tour